Vellatra (Fan Art Portfolio) OCtober 7th: Black Hair

OCtober 7th: Black Hair

This is Thalia, my OCtober 7th's black-haired OC. She's the main character from a story I used to have up on , but it was never quite finished, and I deleted my account many years ago so it isn't on there anymore. Her story was an edgy remake of a much older story I invented when I was 10 (Alida, Day 17), the common premise being about a girl who discovers she's half elf and goes into the forest to join her family. In Thalia's version it's a lot darker though. When she was very small, her village was raided by orcs, who captured her and most, if not all, of the other children and took them home as slaves. After years of mistreatment, the children finally managed to escape, and fled to a nearby forest. The forest turned out to be full of elves and werewolves and strange little imps of other kinds, and Thalia got accidentally mixed up with a band of elven outlaws, the Shadowstars. These guys eventually turned out to be her mom's side of the family. There were many more ideas for this story - a war with the orcs, a werewolf love triangle, unicorn thievery with the Shadowstar equivalent of Fred and George Weasley, dark elf kidnappings, and so forth and so on - but as usual it was many little pieces of a story with no ideas on how to connect them all. Oh well. I had fun while it lasted.

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