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The Golden Age Black Canary
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Here's my drawing of Dinah Drake, the Golden Age Black Canary.

Things to know about her in case you're not familiar with DC Universe canon:

  • She first appeared in Flash Comics #86 (Cover date: Aug. 1947)
  • She was one of the female members of the Justice Society of America, the premier super-hero team of the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two
  • She's the wife of Gotham City detective Larry Lance and mother of Dinah Laurel Lance (who became a Black Canary herself in a 1960s issue of Justice League of America after migrating to Pre-Crisis Earth-One)
  • Following the events in Crisis on Infinite Earths, which saw the destruction of the Pre-Crisis DC Multiverse (sparring the 5 universes that formed New Earth), her history would be revised with her daughter being identified as "Black Canary II" while they inhabited the same one universe that came to be.
  • Following the merger of New Earth and Post-Infinite Crisis dimensions Earth-13 (a.k.a. "Vertigo Universe") and Earth-50 (a.k.a. "WildStorm Universe") in 2011's Flashpoint (resulting in the birth of Prime Earth or in other words "Post-Flashpoint Earth 0) and the time-space interference by Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen (as revealed in DC Universe: Rebirth), her history got drastically revised with Dinah Drake being the only Black Canary in existence herself within the timeline of Prime Earth.

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