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Mermay 2019
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Hey! Its Mermay. How's everyone doing?

So...I bought a Cintiq. Its the Wacom Cintiq 16 (Not the Pro version if I had bought the Pro version that would have left me broke)

I've been wanting to get a tablet/monitor hybrid for a long time. I was on a fence for awhile on whenever to get a wacom cintiq or one of those cheaper brands. When I did research on them I always got mixed feelings. So I just bought the cintiq through Best Buy because I thought if something happened I could go to the nearest Best Buy store and return it.

When I first used it with my Clip Studio Paint there was this "ghost" pixel glitch that would appear and disappear around where the cursor would be. I looked it up and its either a temporary glitch or its a hardware issue that some of the newer Cintiqs seem to have. But it only happens on Clip Studio Paint so far. I tried it on the Sketchbook software (which was what this mermaid was drawn on) and there was no glitches. CSP was my main digital software for art so it was rather annoying when that glitch appeared.

I don't know if I should get it replace. Maybe it will go away on its own but if its really a hardware issue it might not...

Drawing on it felt really nice though. I'll try it out for a couple more days and see what happens.

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digital art, fantasy, mermaid, mermay
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