I230 (Fan Art Portfolio) Donald & Daisy -- Christmas Hug

Donald & Daisy -- Christmas Hug
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Second entry for OOAnBuOo's Warm Challenge =)

As I typed in the description of my First Entry: Who Says It Always Has to be Red & Green [http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/423468/who_says_it_always_has_to_be_red_and_green%253F] Disney Characters have made an appearance =D

This time I went with some characters which I feel represent the theme of warm and the spirit of Christmas.

Alright so this might get a bit ranty and long but here it goes.

I am not a fan of Daisy.

My earliest memory of the character is thinking that she basically sucked and was mean for no reason. I couldn't understand why Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto were friends with her and still don't.
Where Donald's temper was amusing and an acceptable part of his personality [that's who he is], Daisy's bugged me (and continues to do so). No matter how many times I watched Donald go red in the face (and even full body crimson) when he was upset with the chipmunks [Chip & Dale], at his nephews [Huey, Duey, & Louie], some object/ other character, and even himself it was always understandably funny.
But with Daisy I just could not connect with the character.

What's particularly odd to me is that while Minnie's a great friend and partner for Mickey she's also a great character by herself. Daisy failed to be enjoyable by herself. Anything featuring Daisy brought down the enjoyment of the animation for me.

I felt & feel like the extent of the creators planning for the character was to draw insanely huge heels and a bow on a female Donald and make her beak never stop blabbering hurtful and selfish things.

Over the years I have warmed up to Daisy when she is with Donald. Those few and far between moments when she isn't foul tempered and is calm and loving towards Donald, I feel good about them as a couple. And Daisy as Donald's partner.


So to sum up, I decided to draw Daisy and Donald hugging and enjoying each other's company in the winter. Beside their jointly decorated tree and wrapped presents they share an embrace. I almost went with them kissing under some mistletoe..but didn't '^.^

For the Holidays [Christmas in particular] I see these two (heavy emphasis on Daisy) as embodiment's of the holly jolly spirit that spreads far and wide. While these two are typically angry, when they are together and nothing is going wrong (chipmunks in the tree, broken presents, flickering lights etc) the peace brings a smile to my face.



Donald and Daisy belong to Disney! DUH!

Digitally added text to this version

Side Note: Part of the reason I decided against having this be a kissing scene is that ever since I watched the 3rd season of Teen Wolf I've had mixed feelings about mistletoe.

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