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Characters: Sunset Shimmer, Joey Wheeler (Katsuya Jounouchi)

Anime: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Time: 3+ hours

Materials: Sketchbook, pencil, gel pens


My dad got me this great sketch book (hard bound) and I broke it in with my first drawing. Why is this relevant? It is relevant because this drawing also happens to be my entry for the "Something Old, Something New" fan art challenge where we were tasked to draw one of our old favorite characters with a new favorite character.


I've been thinking about what to draw ever since I discovered this challenge. I have so many favorite characters that I've gotten attached to have/had crushes on, or are currently my anime waifus/husbandos....so yeah. Anyway the characters I ended up drawing were Sunset Shimmer and Joey Wheeler.

Joey Wheeler was my first anime character. He became my favorite because he was stubborn and refused to give up, even when people like Kaiba told him to, he refused to give him. I admired his friendship with Yugi, his dedication to help his sister see again, among other things. I guess it felt right to draw him for this challenge, so I did.

As for Sunset, she is the reformed girl from Equestria Girls who wanted to use Twilight's element of harmony to take over Equestria, was defeated, then reformed by Twilight and the human counterparts of her friends. Anyway, Sunset became my favorite MLP character because I can relate to her, she's a leader, and she acknowledges she makes mistakes and she's become loyal to her friends. Plus she's awesome....nuff said.....


The technical aspects of this drawing include pencil, inking in lineart, and of course coloring. What took the longest was coloring because I wanted to get the colors right, make this drawing as best as possible. I had some trouble drawing Joey because he ended up looking way out of proportion...
I have to admit he still does a little but I think I fixed it the best I could. This drawing was difficult because of the proportions, lots of erasing/redrawing parts, inking in the drawing. It can really enjoyed a process when drawing. Especially if you haven't sat down and drawn a real drawing. What i mean by that is i haven't had much inspiration lately..call it a holiday miracle or something..I got my art back, my inspiration to create art. Expect more from me soon.


Thank you for taking my entry into consideration. I had fun working on this drawing. It was nice to draw a character I haven't drawn for a long time. Have a happy holidays and new year.

Views/favorites/comments are always appreciated. I appreciate your support of my art. It makes me want to make more.

Crossover Anime and Manga Fan Art
duelist, Equestria Girls, friendship is magic, Joey Wheeler, jounouchi katsuya, MLP, MLP:fim, my little pony, sunset Shimmer, Yu-Gi-Oh
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Something Old, Something New
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