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Here's my 2nd submission for the "Something Old, Something New" challenge created by Nikkeh09.

As I said in the description box of my first submission (Battle Ready) I was thinking about doing a fanart with one of my very first favorite anime characters and one of my most recent (based on anime release date), - in color - AND I DID IT =D

Charmander & Charizard - Pokémon

Gatchmon - Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters

When I decided to do Charizard (specifically Ash's Charizard) I decided I wanted to do another mon and since I'm also a Digimon fan I picked Gatchmon (specifically Haru’s Gatchmon). If I had chosen Ash as my first fav character I would have paired him with Haru. But I already had this title in mind so Charizard and Gatchmon it is.

I watched Pokémon on Cartoon Network until Brock & Misty both left, I tried to watch the subsequent episodes with Ash’s new traveling companions but I didn’t care for them or the new Pokémon they were discovering. I much prefer having marathons with the original 150 and even then I skip some episodes where Tracey took Brock’s place and the later ones where new Pokémon were introduced (like Chikorita & Phanpy).

While I have watched some of the movies and episodes with Dawn and Max and May and recently watched the 20th movie – I Choose You – I will always prefer Indigo League. Also I really didn’t care for the new-new traveling companions Ash had or their Pokémon – or the movie’s animation/character design.

I will watch movies 1 – 5 happily, even though the 4th and 5th have new Pokémon, I like Celiby & Suicune & Latias & Latios & even Todadile though I miss Squirtle when I watch it). Also for the 4th movie I love the idea that Professor Oak and Ash became friends who battled together and shared training tips =D – it was also nice to see Charmeleon since Ash’s evolved pretty quickly into Charizard.

I watched Digimon on Jetix, and followed the seasons wherever the TV ppl decided to air them
1) Digimon Tamers (my fav season of Digimon – Guilmon & Renamon & Impmon & Beelzemon are my favs)
2) Digimon Data Squad (Marcus’s Agumon is hilarious – English dub version – & Greymon)
3) Digimon Xrox Wars (Dorulumon, Baalmon & Wisemon) and I’m waiting for more episodes/next season to be dubbed
4) Digimon Universe Appli Monsters (Gatchmon) – currently watching, am on ep 6 --
-------(5) I watched the first episode or two of Digimon Adventure after I finished Digimon Tamers and wanted to see more Digimon action but didn’t care for the characters or the story) -------

Alright so I was only going to draw Charizard and Gatchmon but there was so much empty space when I finished that I decided to draw a larger Gatchmon behind my first attempt at the character. – I’m also not sure if Gatchmon digi-evolves – I think the Digimon in this season – Applimon - just get equipped w/the help of their partner.

Since I had already drawn Charizard towards the top of the page I didn’t want to draw a larger one in front so I decided to draw Charmander – since I am specifically a fan of Ash’s Charizard – in a way it’s the same character (even though I am fully aware of the personality change that occurred when Charmander evolved into Charmeleon and then Charizard).

I struggled with Gatchmon because I’ve never drawn the character before but Charizard and Charmander I’ve practiced drawing many times.

** Drawn w/ 2B pencil than outlined w/ Sharpies, Markers & Highlighters
** Colored w/Colored Pencils

Charmander & Charizard © Nintendo

Gatchmon © BAN-DAI

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Something Old, Something New
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