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Experiment Trials
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Howdy, this is something I consider very rare to post this type of thing. Quite irregular I must say. But this is something I debated with my self to share or not. If anything, its a sneak peek on what I do “behind the scenes”.

There’s one thing I love about digital. You can always go back and fix your mistakes without penalty. For me, I like to save different versions or “revisions (as I like to call it)”. In this case, it’s all my experiments. It’s what I do to become a better artist. One of the key reasons why I save these revisions is that I can reference what works and what doesn’t work to develop my own style. I could’ve put is in my workbook, but I felt it didn’t belong as it didn’t hold any benefiting factors.

As you can tell, the revisions were mainly about the line art/structuring for face and hair. Also colors and shading,

I’m not going to point out what I liked, or didn’t like though. But you can. Maybe someone can point out what they felt didn’t work or what they were drawn to. I’d like to hear some feedback.

Some things I want to note:
-Box #1 is the original drawn with my phone (Note 2 / SketchBook app).
-Box #2 the one that is posted on this site post edited with PS.(Here)
-Box #6 is current style and revision.

As always:
Questions, Comments, Rants, Critiques, Criticisms, Complaints, Nitpicks, Tips, Feedback, and Votes are Welcome. So say what you really want to say, Even if it's negative. Thank You.

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Ahoge, Blue, Experiment, Expressions, Eyes, Face, Hair, Lighting, Phone, Photoshop, Saturation, Shading, Sketchbook, Strands
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