Keba Si Rota (Fan Art Portfolio) OCtober Day 1: Naomi Wood

OCtober Day 1: Naomi Wood

I'm kicking off OC October (or OCtober, if you prefer) with a sketch of Naomi from Survival Instincts. I'm going to put a quick bio of her here. Obviously, it won't cover everything, so if you have questions about her, ask away.


Naomi is a kind girl, though a bit naive. She grew up in a rural area with her father and older brother. Her hobbies include gardening and reading. She is one of the Children of Terra, a devout religious group.

It is forbidden for the Children of Terra to attempt to practice magic, and Naomi wouldn't dream of doing such a thing. When her brother catches her levitating in her sleep, she becomes ashamed of displaying a power she can't control. In fear of her father finding out, she runs away from home, into the city.


To me, this sketch doesn't look entirely like her. I think it's the face-- mostly the eyes. Also, the pose looks a bit stiff. And I didn't have time for the folds in her clothing. I'm finding so many things wrong with this sketch. Then again, it's just a sketch. I hope to get around to finishing it, most likely after the month is over. Until then, comments/suggestions are much appreciated.

I'm also dedicating these sketches at random to people who subscribe to me. If you want to be one of these lucky people, you can PM me. Just be aware that I will randomly decide who gets what. This particular sketch goes out to envythejealous (can I call you ETJ for short?) who drew a picture of Naomi for my OC Challenge.

This sketch was drawn entirely in Clip Studio Paint.

Naomi and Survival Instincts belong to me.

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