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Victor x Yuri
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S MY 400TH UPLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And... it's fan art. T_T SORRY I really wanted to draw something special for this, but I just don't have time.... """orz I really like how this came out though, so I thought it was worth posting as my 400th pic.

ANYWAY, I did a ton of stickers and buttons last month... so this month I'm focusing on prints. Here's the first one! I should rewatch Yuri!!! on Ice sometime, ahaha... overall I really liked the show, but I wish they had focused more on Yuri, Victor, and Yurio as the 3 main characters instead of giving random tiny plots to every minor character;;; it is fun that there are a lot of characters though. :^)
/pointless commentary

For this, I used a crayola black colored pencil as the line art, and watercolor + colored pencil for the colors! I did a test a couple days ago to see if I could use colored pencils for line arts, and I was glad to find that it holds up pretty well with the paint!!! Inking is my absolute least favorite thing to do traditionally at this point, so this really helped me feel more comfortable doing the lines. It might be a factor that I was using watercolor paper rather than sketch paper, though... even though crayolas don't blend much, I think they might still blend a little more on sketchbook paper versus watercolor paper.

The colors aren't actually this ~vibrant~ in real life, ahah;;; I boosted the saturation and added overlays/whatever to get it to look nice. ;u;7 IF ONLY I COULD COLOR SO WELL IN THE REAL WORLD...

BUT YEAH! Here's this. Thanks for sticking around with me for 400 fan arts!!! ToT TheO will always be my little home....

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