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My own Shrugpony
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Made in a drawing app and edited in PicsArt via IPad

Time: maybe an hour

/inspired by: these

Reference for pose


So it has been awhile since I made a drawing of any kind, spring semester has just come to an end, so I am posting a draw.

This one is just a fun little piece I made based off of the shrug pony meme in the brony community. Shrug ponies are just like a reactionary meme type thing, they're cute. I wanted to make my own,

At first I thought I was going to trace over the base but my artist heart couldn't let me do that. So I just drew it out on my iPad, while referencing the base pose. Drawing it out myself made it feel like it was more personal, like I had a right to call it mine. Does that make sense?

I decided to make myself a lavender unicorn with a brown mane and tail, redoing my previous white ponysona. I like purple and it's one of my favorite colors. I feel like I would identify as a good unicorn because I feel like I'd be more intellectual rather than being competitive like a Pegasus, and I'm not really physically strong like an earth pony. I feel,like I would be magical kind of like Twilight Sparkle, Trixie, or Starlight Glimmer.

So here is my own shrugging ponysona, full view of pony soma will come soon. I hope everyone enjoys the art. This is my first art because it has been awhile,

Dedicated to Clozi for joining theO,

My Little Pony Fan Art
brown hair, fim, glasses, meme, mlp, My little pony, pony, ponysona, self insert, shrug, shrugpony, unicorn
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