Rainbow Dragon (Fan Art Portfolio) Portrait of Rin

Portrait of Rin
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Materials: iPad, drawing app, PicsArt for added effects

Time: roughly an hour

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I decided to due a portrait of Rin as well. Since I did Ruri, I figured I might as well die portraits for all the bracelet girls as well. Plus,it is more practice drawing them. This is my second time drawing Rin. This one wasn't quite as hard as Ruri's so that is why it didn't take as long to draw and color. This one is more like one of those portraits that are kind of like they blend with the background. I really like Rin's hair and the colors are nice. So her hair was fun to color and I liked drawing her chocker.

So yeah I like Rin and her character has grown on me, I love all the bracelet girls. They're all beautiful and amazing in their own way. So here's Rin. I think she is pretty and probably stubborn but stubborn girls are amazing.

Anyway hope everybody enjoys the art. Dedicated to my good friend Darkarax who likes Her as well.

Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Art
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