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I know, I know....If ya'll read the challenge description, this is an illustration you might not expect, but hear me out.

Even though the flowers here don't represent any meaning in the flowers itself, there's symbolic meaning to it. I wanted to express that in life, there's always some conflict that we all must face. We humans wouldn't know what happiness is without sorrow. No light without darkness. Also, the field of flowers represent peace or resolution after conflict. No matter how bad things might be, there is always something better after. It's like the light at the end of the tunnel perhaps. Another symbolic meaning is that these flowers represent forgiveness. Sometimes in life you just got to move on and let go. Holding on to negative things in the past will never make you a better person. Mercy is for the weak, to forgive make you stronger.

So that just happened. I gave an inanimate object(the mecha) a soul, a persona. This illustration is a sort of "if these walls could talk" situation whereas the mech developed a relationship with the situation placed. If you had a personal object, i.e A toy, your computer, your paper drawings....what would they say? What would they say to you when they no longer bring joy to you life? How would they feel when you throw them away? Would they consider their lives have been worth it when you look at them for the last time? This mech here is going through those motions right now. At least it has some company (the flowers), and re-purposed its life in protecting them. This place was a battle zone before and like the sunshine after the rain, the flowers regrew.

Sorry for going emo on you guys. Also I won't be mad if I get disqualified for not obeying the rules. I just wanted to share and if anything, everyone loves flowers right? BTW I hope I don't get any Macross Purist flames for this was may 2nd published attempt of "realism" and Everything seen here made from scratch with a little photoshop blur to emphasize the flowers.

P.S. I for to mention some info of mech here. It's a HWR-00-IP Heavy Weight Destroid a.k.a Monster. This mech is from the Macross Zero series. If you don't know, Macross Zero is a series in the Macross Universe that occurs right before the original series, Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross. This monster is the only one to be produced as it was the prototype for the later Heavy class of destroid mechs. This thing is a beast, the most bad@$$ mech in the macross universe. I don't know who had the design first, but if you're into sc-fi and robots like me, you will recognize similar mechs that are designed like this one. Standing at 22.2 meters(73ft for you americans - almost a 5 story building), this thing dwarfs all other destroids and valkyries(It's actually longer than its height). With 4 cannons on it's top, 6 rail guns on its arms(3 in each arm), and armor like crazy, it's one mean bastard. It's basically Iowa class battleship turret that walks and spits out Reaction warheads ("clean" nuclear warheads).

"HWR-00 Monster: When something positively, absolutely has to die, accept no substitutes!?"

PPS. These are wildflowers from Colorado and other mountain range. I guess flowers ain't my thang. Lol. The red ones are Castilleja indivisa (Texas indian paintbrush)

Questions, Comments, Rants, Critiques, Criticism, Complaints, Nitpicks, Tips, Feedback, Votes are Welcome. So say what you really want to say, Even if it's negative. Thank You.

Dedicated to Mega...cuz I know you like robots….

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