eMokid64 (Fan Art Portfolio) Blackheart Halloween Drawing 2016

Blackheart Halloween Drawing 2016
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For this year's Halloween, a new drawing of Blackheart from Marvel Comics. The son of Mephisto (basically Marvel Comic's Devil) was 1st introduced in Daredevil comics but become a rival enemy of the 2nd Ghost Rider Danny Ketch. His biggest spotlight is being in Capcom's series of Marvel VS Capcom fighting games and as a boss in the Super Nintendo Game War of the Gems. He was also in the Ghost Rider movie though never shown in full demon form. He was shown in the Ghost Rider movie video game as the final boss on the PS2. Video of drawing can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2W8ck28wCdY

I was 1st introduced to the character in the 1st Marvel Superheroes fighting game in the arcades where he had some type of blue flame/electricity powers, telekinetic and telepathic, and has the ability to summon demons from hell. He also has powers to suck the life force out of his opponent. His powers increased towards the end of the 90's Ghost Rider run when he becomes the ruler of hell as the final villain for Danny Ketch's Ghost Rider. Overall I loved his design since as a kid into christian lore (not really a believer) I like seeing how hell is depicted in comics or video games, I found him interesting. He is interested in the evil that lurks in men's heart and usually tires to turn Marvel's Superheroes evil and corrupt. Sometimes he is like Loki where he feels under-appreciated by his father Mephisto and wished to overthrow him (again which he eventually does for some time in the comics). Since Disney has the right to the character again, I hope they put him in the Marvel Movies in the future along with his father.

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