cronaandsoul (Fan Art Portfolio) Me as a Mmorpg

Me as a Mmorpg

I hope you can forgive me. I dedicated it to SmallxLady as an apology, i am sorry ^~^' also please ignore the fingers lolz i don't have a working scanner.
welp lets get down to business:

My name is Creenuno I am 5’3. I love to play musical instruments and sing. I can play the trumpet, ocarina, snare, ukulele, all instruments in drumline, and last but not least I play the bells; Handbells. I am not a girly girl, I do not like dresses or skirts. I love capes and masks. Those items combined are the best! I love playing video games! I use to be very emo, but i got over that just a little tho, it morphed into me liking scary things.

Myself Game Style: Here we go let me do this! I am quite and not really talkative (until you get to know me). I also apparently when just walking down the hall look pissed off all the time, I am not! People always get my emotions wrong, and it annoys the crap out of me. Anyway. I occasionally speak my mind.

Now I threw in some of my favorite video game items, for example Kingdom hearts crown which is on my head and a keyblade which is hanging from my waist. And on my katana bag is the security guard head, from fnaf (Five Nights at Freddy's). I wear ear bud’s in my ears because music is what gets me going (it is always in my head). It really gets me moving. But don’t fear i am still able to understand you through the music because i can lip read. The mask that i wear represents my crazy side. I will put it on at the beginning of a fight. Now since i am talking about fighting, i will be using my katana which i have already mentioned, I am more of a Strait on Fighter. I want all the action. But when the fighting is over i will settled down and be quiet again.

Now I want to go into more detail about the katana it is a death Katana. So let's say i kill someone, there soul fuels the Katana, in other word it give me more strength. I can also us the souls to possess the dead corpse but only for a short period of time. For defense the souls that I take are a good protective layer for me but they don’t always do there job. As show by the cut on my eye.

To win me over you have to do one of two things. One: beat me in a sword fight and i will become your servant forever or just until you die. The second is to get me to sing along with whatever musical instrument you play, which will be hard, I guarantee it.

Now there is a third way but it will seldom ever happen, that is to make a deal with me. ^~^ after the deal is over then I will take your soul.

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