moani1582 (Fan Art Portfolio) Bang!!! Ahem* Note 7 + MediBANG Paint

Bang!!! Ahem* Note 7 + MediBANG Paint
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Just got my new toy today...Samsung Note 7. Huge upgrade in hardware....OS (android Marshmallow), however, not so much. (it'll take some time to get used to it). So far it's been great, considering I'm coming from a Note 2.

So...I took this baby for a spin to sketch out something in Medibang Paint to celebrate(one of you great artists here recommended the program, I can't remember who. pls speak out who ever you are). Sorry this illustration very sloppy as my eyes were straining and I got kinda nauseated after a As for the illustration itself, Who doesn't like fireworks? Maybe someday when I have kids I'll take them to see the Ala Moana July 4th show.

[Very Quick Review]: Note 7
It's basically an S7 with a stylus...nothing to see here folks. But this pen has Wacom technology. So yes, All the goodness of Wacom but in phablet form Android flavored.

[Quick Review]: Medibang Paint (Android)
I believe this is one of the more powerful drawing programs on the mobile platform. Even more powerful than Autodesk Sketch Pro (not Free BTW). There I said it. Brush selection (stock) could be more refined. The GUI make sense as you can choose your shortcuts. Heck, the GUI looks better than some "drawing" software I'm familiar with(cough*GIMP*cough). It has selection tools, transform tools, layers, layer blending modes, HueSaturation Adjust, Gradients, flip Canvas,...just to name some features. has the ability to save in PSD format. So that means you can sketch something out...finish it with photoshop after (savage).

Overall, It can get the job done in some cases, but don't expect the world with it. I highly recommend it and best of all.....(drum roll) it's FREE!!!!

Well that is that. Hope you guys like.

As Always: Questions, Comments, Rants, and Critiques(negative ones also) are always Welcome. Night.

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