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Karter Lowell
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Here is my character for the blind ship that I'm doing with WildGirl1977. Here's his bio and I'm excited to ship the heck out of him and his partner!!!!

Name: Karter Lowell

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 166lbs

Species: Human

Birthdate: January 10th

Orientation: Heterosexual

Job: Works in a cafe

Personality: Normally tries to say upbeat and positive about things. Though he is naïve and quite stubborn about things, he is a very dependable person. He’s open minded on some topics, but when it comes to something that he strongly believes in it’s hard to get him to change about it.

History: He’s the youngest of two. His older brother and him have always been close. Though they started to drift a bit when they went to different colleges. But Karter has lived a pretty normal life. He got into anime and video games when he was young and hasn’t turned away from them even with just graduating college not too long ago and now working at a café. He’s looking for an apartment to be able to get out of the house and start his own life.

-Video games
-Mellow color tones
-Painting with watercolor

-His eyes
-His normal hair color
-Basketball (trips over his own two feet)
-His snort when he laughs too hard
-Overly sweet things

Extra Info:
-His original hair color is pale blonde, but he likes to die it mainly blue
-He hate’s his eye colors
-He normally wears an ice blue contact to cover his red eye.
-He’s ambidextrous
-Has a bad habit of biting his nails
-He’s a total nerd

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Blind ship, Karter Lowell, OC
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