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**dA post has FULL SIZE, and FULL IMAGE, which was barely cut and all that was is just her bare chest, that's literally all, well and a good chunk of her hair but that's not the reason it was cut it is just a side effect of such**

last year i started doing a lot of practices using photos as references, and because i am me and a shameless sesskag shipper, it became of my beloved pairing; as you could guess, changing up bodies to match the two and not the original was interesting...i am not entirely happy with the turn out here, but i am alright with the piece regardless of that i suppose :/


sooo i had a lot of issues with this piece, it was frustration after frustration it seemed T-T and it all started because i began drawing too high up on the page which forced a huge change in how he was to be placed when compared to the reference i used...i don't even remember how many times i redid him -___- and then the other biggest annoyance was her hair--sometimes i get really lost in what i am working on and end up overdoing things--; i still don't particularly like how it looks and that is after two or three fixes, not counting post scanning photoshop work T__T

her face was an angle that was kind of new for me, so it was the most practice and experiment than anything else i did; i am up and down on it a lot, and she's not quite right, but then again i still haven't figured out how to draw either of them--particularly Sess--and i've been drawing them both for years -___-

i didn't even realize until i went to crop the piece that i'd have to move my sig or else it would be cut too XP so that's why it looks so odd

to see the reference i used, i suggest viewing the descript of the dokuga post of this drawing


Inuyasha Fan Art
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