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I wasn't planning on posting this here, but I figured I liked it enough anyway.
So, I don't know if everyone knows this by now, but TegakiE is shutting down at the end of the month(and according to the creator, they're working on a TEv2 that they're hoping to get up and running by the time the original shuts down). It's pretty sad news tbh, and while many of us on TE would like to believe v2 will come soon enough, most of us have decided to try moving to PaintBerri;It's a pretty new site and it's currently in closed beta(I think you can still get in through their tumblr page and they'll let you in), but I have heard some hearsay from a friend of mine who e-mailed the developers that they're hoping to start open beta by next month or so.

As such, this is pretty much just a test drawing I did on PaintBerri, featuring an OC who I've had for MONTHS now but never really got to post or talk about before: my Gemsona, Chrysocolla(yes, if you didn't know before, I am indeed a Steven Universe fan). I'll probably talk about her later, but as far as PaintBerri goes, it's honestly pretty good! It's got a bunch more features than TE(including layers, eyedropper tool, more brush settings and other goods), and I'd say it's definitely worth taking a look at, if you're interested(my only possible issue is that the lines are sometimes more pixel-y than I like;it's hard to notice here, but it is true,other than that though, it's quite nice)!
And that's pretty much all I gotta say, see ya my darlings~

Steven Universe Fan Art
chrysocolla, gemsona, oc
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