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Sketchy Kiss
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this was a practice doodle; and no, i have no idea why i bothered adding color......don't ask questions!

i was trying to do a kissing pose, and while i actually do like how this piece turned out for the most part, it is still technically not a kiss...LE SIGH... XP


Brown: Why'd you cut your hair?
Green: I don't know, i felt like i needed a change.
Brown: Hn, that might make things a little more difficult.
Green: I'm sure you can grab something else. Besides, it's not that short.
Brown: Your hands are smaller, you aren't the best—
Green: Just shut up already.


that was in my head after i did this, it looks a bit like they are having that type of conversation *nod*
for some reason they also kind of look like my two ocs Kain(brown) and Abel(green) even though they don't actually look like them; but i had been thinking about changing Abel's hair to something similar to the green guy's...maybe that's why?


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