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StateTalia-OC-South Carolina
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Ok~ this is one of my OCs for hetalia. This is South Carolina. She is often referred to as 'South' to most.

Name:South Carolina

Nicknames:SC,South,Southern Belle(formerly)

Human Name: Clara C.(stand for Columbia) Kirkland-Jones. (Though she prefers Kirkland)

Age: (state(best I could do math..))237years old. Physical: 15

Personally: As a chibi being raised by the ' combined' 'writer's of Alfred and Arthur she was very sneaky and mischievous. She'd often get in a lot of trouble. During the Revolutionary War she was heartbroken having to fight against England. Over 200 battles happened in her state making it the most fought in state. She now has a deep scar that is on her shoulder from one of her encounters with England. Afterwards, she became a snob, stuck up, rotten little tomato. She'd boast about her beauty and what not. During the Civil War, she went back to her personality of the Revolution. She has breathing problems due to when her capitol-and pretty much whole state-was burnt. Her heart will stop occasionally, worrying those closest to her quite a bit, due to her state house being bombed. Nowadays, she's like any southern lady you'd meet. Kind caring and all that jazz. She has a secret crush on a certain northern state, the only state she does not have a grudge against; Carter B. Jones, also known as Massachusetts.

If you can guess why she has 2 different color eyes you'll get internet cookie :3

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
Aph, Hetalia, OC, South Carolina, Statetalia
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