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I literally made an OC for my bae, moonlit dream's, original work Of Fruits and Vegetables! She made this brilliant outfit and I just threw it onto a random person's body 8D Next thing I know, this random person got some color and became Irish with a small story HAH xD

She's Irish, lads! I haven't quite decided what to name her, but I narrowed it down to Irish names that can be easily translated into English names such as:

Aine (pronounced as awn-ye) which is the Irish form of the English name Anna.
Maire (pronounced as my-ra) which is the Irish form of the English name Mary.

Other cute Irish names that I was considering are Aileen, Bridget, Cara, and Neila/Neala~ Help me out, Akioh, I at least want to name her xD

Infooo: Aine - also known as Anna - is a girl, born and raised in Ireland of a pure Irish father and a British mixed mother. Currently, at the age of 20, she only has her father. Although blessed with superior tech skills and knowledge in the sciences, she is an exceptionally creative designer and enjoys the business end of things. Aine has always loved the works of BossLady and has always wanted to work under her as a side job. Convincing her wealthy father of her dream, doubling as a college graduation present, she and him move to Paris, France - the base of it all - where Aine bumps into Stefan, who she immediately recognizes as one of BossLady's higher up employees, and pleads with him to take a look at her creative work, as well as to allow her to intern under him. She even goes so far as to telling him that she doesn't need to be paid yet, because, I mean, SHE'S RICH LOL so that she could prove her fashion-worth to him. Stefan turns her down. Brokenhearted at being turned down, Aine looks into the window of the clothing store that she had been rejected by, and sees plenty of clothes. Just from window shopping, she picks out an entire outfit (the outfit she is currently wearing hahah) that she decides to throw together, and runs in to buy it with a new resolve to find Stefan again and ask to intern under him. Yadda yadda, Aine becomes Stefan's assistant! She helps Stefan with his paperwork and manages Tomato's schedule according to Stefan's standards to help lighten the load of stress that Stefan normally goes through. After working for Stefan for just a week, Aine quickly sees how tired and stressed out he becomes, and decides to do as much as she can for him to help him out. She enjoys being around Stefan, even if he doesn't particularly like her company because of her incredibly upbeat personality. Gabe is her favorite person in the whole wide world, and she enjoys being around him even more than Stefan! She's a SteGabe fan and she's waiting for someone to make a big move (lololcreeeep). Aine has a crush on Dean HAH. Aine likes to speak with Dean whenever she can due to their creative minds being able to compliment one another. She often shows Dean her designs and he deals the final touches, showing her ways to make them the littlest bit better.

Aine speaks fluent Irish Gaelic and it's fun for her to see other's surprised and completely confused expressions when she does 8D

She's really upbeat and optimistic. When she fails, she immediately picks herself back up, dusts herself off, and gets back into the game. This goes hand in hand with her being stubborn as all hell. She's really just a happy and loud person hahah. When she's around, everyone knows it.

Aine graduated college early, having double majored in Neuroscience and Business and minored in Computer Science. (A.k.a. She has her Bachelor's degree in both Neuroscience and Business while she has her Associate's degree in Computer Science).

I like her C:

Aine (c) Meeeeee~
Awesome Outfit Design (c) The beautiful and talented moonlit dream!

Moonlit Dream has a whole world based on fashion and design, called Fashion Your World! If you're into fashion, designing, and the like, you'll probably enjoy being in a whole group that enjoys the same thing, so go, go, go and join~! <3

While I'm at the whole suprising-my-bae thing, I'll enter this in for OoAnBuOo's challenge~

Love you, Kio! <3

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