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Peter Clottin' Tail

This is one of my OC characters, Peter Clottin' Tail. You'll see him from time to time.

As you know, he was once the Easter Bunny. When Easter Bunnies retire from their field of work, they become "Eatser Bunnies", and end up going on rampages and feast on human flesh. PCT loved his job as the Easter Bunny, though. But an incident happened one day on Easter Island, and he was changed forever. PCT fell into a candy-making machine. When he was taken out of it, he had several injuries. His left eye was burned from the fuses, his right eye was punctured with a chocolate engraver - along with his right cheekbone, he had two burns on his face, and his neck was attached to him by a thread. Oddly, no other injuries were found. They treated him while he stayed in a coma. They stitched his left eye closed, stitched up his scars, and replaced the burnt skin patches with pieces of cloth. As for his neck, they couldn't do anything about it. They just wrapped a scarf around it - which eventually grew crimson with his blood - and hoped he survived. That night he was treated, he died. Supposedly. In reality, he faked a body, even though he was dead, and escaped the island. Now, on Easter, he'll go help children with their Easter Egg Hunts. Except, instead of falling a few eggs short, the families fell a few children short. They say this is when "an Easter egg hunt goes wrong", but PCT just happens to lure the children somewhere quiet and execute them. One of his many hobbies - playing hide-and-seek with the telekinetic limbs that he cut off of the children.

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