Ellenor Mererid (Fan Art Portfolio) wardrobe meme with Llew

wardrobe meme with Llew
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I drew this a few weeks ago when I was off ill, so most of this was drawn whilst lying down I drew this a few weeks ago when I was off ill, so most of this was drawn whilst lying down XD So I wanted to draw Llew's wardrobe and just do something relaxing-ish and fun :)
Right lets go through them :P
Sleepwear - basic, like pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt
<strike>Everyday</strike> bum: t-shirt and traky bottoms Bit chavey but fair play to him he rarely dresses like this anymore.
<strike>Smart casual</strike> Llew doesn't do smart casual, so let's have slightly less like a bum: A t-shirt that usually has a pattern on it and baggy-ish jeans.
Work wear: Smart trousers, a shirt and a t-shirt underneath it, this is the clothes he wears when he's out on his photography jobs (although this is a secret job, he uses his full name, so people don't know it's him XD^^ He has got overalls and such for his other job which are some overalls that are usually rolled down to his side and has a plain t-shirt.
Semi formal and formal: He doesn't like wearing suits and these are as smart as you can get him and this is only achieved after hours of arguing XD
Wedding: He will happily tolerate and be happy in a suit for the girl of his dreams, to bad he's most likely be forever alone XD
Summer: his favourite outfit, he's pretty much like this all summer
Winter, he's okay with this, he'll still go surfing :)
Swimwear : Fave again, if he was in the water any more than he already is he'll turn into a fish XD He also has a wetsuit for winter swimin'
<strike>Fantasy wear</strike>Ozzy Wear: I want to do a comparison between the brothers soon, so for now let’s just have him in Ozzy's clothes for fun XD I had too much fun drawing this XD Ozzy's clothes do not suit him, nor fit him for that matter either XD Although they’re the same height but the difference in build would mean Ozzy's clothes would be to small, I want to do a version of Ozzy :meow: Funny XD Llew: Shut up, I can't even breath!
Future wear: I had fun with this, I gave him a futuristic suit like Dctb's Annie Mei and stuff. I like this and I might make more of this.
Past wear: I had to go with Pirate, yeah most of the couldn't swim, there really isn't anywhere else fish-boy would go, and the navy wouldn't suit him. And I like this outfit on him.

Yeah I had fun with these :) Ozzy next though

Original meme by nijuuni

Llew and art belongs to me

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bum, clothes, future, llew, meme, oc, pirate, wardrobe meme
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