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A Miko and her Demon
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Purplish white lightning shot through the dome, ricocheting across the space like a violent introduction to their upcoming fight. Kagome’s eyes broke open, her lips curling into a dark grin, “Are you ready?” she calmly asked.

Drawing on an equally delighted smile, Sesshoumaru dipped his head with eyes glowing brighter, his body poised and muscles coiled in fierce anticipation, “Ready.”


i think i am doing better with my art slump problem, for i managed to doodle this up the other night! granted, it's sketchy and crap, but it's something, plus...I ACTUALLY DREW OUT THE HANDS...they are likewise crappy hands, but still, hands
unfortunately, this isn't exactly how i wanted it to look T -T i had been intending for them to be a little more..i don't know..together? but they just were not obeying, so i went for something that was separate but together in it's own way...kinda has a book cover feel, i think

despite not quite going my way, i actually kind of like how it turned out; and yes, there is no reason for Sesshy to be shirtless in the middle of a battle, but i am the artist and he must acquiesce to my desires...muwah..ha..ha >:D

anywho, not long after doodling this, i was inspired to write a crappy little drabble based on it...that above is a small tease ^-^

if you'd like, the piece can be found here on:
Dokuga and


Inuyasha Fan Art
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