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Chris Reference
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Bigger picture:

I had much fun and troubles while creating him. My first problem was his hair. I kinda had a image what kind of hairstyle I wanted to use but not a clear picture. So I made easy way out and pretty much copied Toni's (my best friend) hairstyle. I honestly liked it more when it was like that and then he went and cut it :/. Only thing I did was, that I added a ponytail, because it fits to the era he's living in. Second was the color. I wanted to make him either blonde or brunette. Blonde would have brought nice contrast to Terra but then again. I have so freaking many blonde characters so I went with brown. Outfit has pretty much classical fantasy elements. Boots, pants, lots of belts and shit.
I used references for his outfit mainly from FF's concept art and vocaloid art, because they were most useful sources.
Anyway let's move to a backstory.

Backstory and personality
Chris is 18 years old orphan, who lost his family in war 10 years ago. He has amnesia and doesn't remember anything about his past and so his origins are unknown. Though people assume, that he suffered the same fate as most of the kids.
He works in small group called Desiderium (The Desire). On the outside they seem like honest workers, builders and hunters while behind the scenes, they do illegal hunting, stealing, drug dealing and anything where you get easy money.

Chris is very careless and bold but still very caring towards the people. He doesn't show any respect towards nobles and higher ranked people due to fact, that while so many suffer they live a wealthy life. Chris likes to hit on women and can be very sexual around them. His friends usually joke about, that maybe his mom didn't feed him enough breast milk as a kid, because he always tries to get women between his sheets.

Chris is also extremely agile. He's faster and stronger than normal human, due to his race and results for working out. That makes him a good thief and fighter. He can be sneaky and make up good plans, though he can also be very reckless at times. He has a great common sense and good leading skills. He takes a great pride of his skills.

He's very protective and jealous over Terra but cares for her a lot.

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
abs, anime, boy, hot, male, manga, tail
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