Keba Si Rota (Fan Art Portfolio) A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach
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When I think of summer, I think of (a) the beach and (b) ice cream. I wanted to do a summer themed picture with the main cast of my story Survival Instincts with either one of these themes. After all, the story is supposed to take place in the summer. In the end, the beach theme won over.

I'm glad I held off uploading this one because this Challenge came along. I don't know how perfectly this fits the rules, but I'm submitting it anyway.

This picture was done entirely in Manga Studio 5. I downloaded some "Copic" colors from DA for the color work because I didn't want it to have that glaring look like my Gurren Lagann picture did. After I spent a million years trying to extract the file and import the colors, I learned that Manga Studio can read aco files like Photoshop can. I think I might go crazy and download a bunch more color palates from DA now that I know this.

I'm still trying to find my "voice" with digital art, especially when it comes to coloring technique. Shading and blending is confusing and I have yet to get it all right. If anyone has any tips regarding coloring techniques, I'd be happy to hear them. Same with tutorials.

Oh, and I tried using the perspective rulers, but I don't think I know enough about perspective and composition to make it look right. Again, tips are welcome.

I know the anatomy is off. I'm still working on getting better at that. And I realize that I have a lot of trouble drawing human feet. Why do I feel embarrassed admitting that?

I'd like to dedicate this picture to Hifsa who suggested that my 98th picture should be traditional, my 99th should be digital, and my 100th should be a hybrid. This is obviously my 99th. Prepare for my 100th on my fifth year anniversary of being on theO.

Survival Instincts and the characters therein belong to me. This picture is available for use in wallpapers and cards on theO. Just follow the rules, guys.

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beach, dice, marshall, naomi, summer, survival instincts
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