morningmusicheart (Fan Art Portfolio) I'm not okay. Not by a long shot.

I'm not okay. Not by a long shot.
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I've got like two, maybe three favorite books and one of them is Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly. It's a tragedy, but it's amazing.

This is Andi, the main character. I chose to paint her because she's a beautiful character (and I mean on the inside because this is only what I think she would look like). She's brave and strong and she turns her life completely around from utter despair to a point where she wants to live her life again.
I painted her in black and white because that seemed to suit her best, she's pretty gothic and also fighting depression for most of the book so it just wouldn't seem right to paint her in bright colors.

The ribbon and key behind her are what she usually wears around her neck. The key is a special token to remember her little brother by but later she finds out that it opens you'll have to read the book!!!

My favorite quote from the book is at the very end:
"It goes on, this world, stupid and brutal. But I do not. I do not."

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Andi, black and white, Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution, watercolor
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