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Generation Line Up
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Alright I'm finally getting this up. This is my submission for HawaiianBabidoll's fan art challenge. It took me a while to do and when this challenge was originally put up I realized that I didn't have a fourth generation pokemon that I had gijinkafied yet so that's where Peirce or where most know him as Pepper came from. Everyone has their own unique back story some are more harsh then others. As you can tell I didn't line them up according to their generation I decided to make it look like a group shot not really a line up of any kind. For I'll go from left to right and label which generation that they are from in here though.

I'm going to link their Bio's to their names so that if you're interested in reading up on one of them you have easy access to their bio's. I hope you like it.

Ventus Watson, Ninetales 1st generation
Patrick Shultz, Liepard 5th Generation
Peirce Scharf, Empoleon 4th Generation
Flynn Zalis, Greninja 6th Generation
Sora Rosenfeld, Skarmory 2nd Generation
Travis Libert, Blaziken 3rd Generation

Pokemon Fan Art
Blaziken, challenge, Empoleon, Flynn, gijinka, Greninja, group shot, liepard, nintales, patrick, Peirce, pokemon, skarmory, sora, Travis, Ventus
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