Rainbow Dragon (Fan Art Portfolio) Kaji~Klassic ver.~

Kaji~Klassic ver.~
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This is my entry for Keba's challenge "OC Fans".
I decided to draw Kaji because I've been a fan of him for along time. I've always thought he was epic and I always liked his personality. I started liking Kaji a few years ago and this challenge gave me the chance to draw him and improve my skills as an artist. Kaji was created by my dear friend MangaKid.
I spent quite awhile working on this drawing. I decided to draw Kaji to try to get rid of my art block and it worked. Also I've been wanting to draw him for awhile. The hardest part was sketching him out. The coloring was a bit of a challenge too mostly because I wasn't 100 percent sure what his original hair color was. Hopefully it looks ok. I had a lot of fun drawing Kaji. Also I was originally planning to leave the background blank but I ended up adding in a few trees and some clouds. I enhanced the colors slightly in Adobe Pbotoshop CS5.
Hope everyone enjoys the art. I plan on drawing more soon.
Here is your OC Kaji drawn in my style. I hope you like this. I plan on sending you the original drawing soon as part of a bigger package. Kaji is an amazing character and I know how much he means to you. I also got to say You're epic and I enjoyed drawing this for you. *huggles you*

Kaji (c) MangaKid
Art (c) Me

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
kaji, mangakid, oc, original character, sky, trees
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