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Beauty like a Lotus Flower
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"but the the Poison of a Wolfsbane."

So it's not really festive, but here's the first Christmas gift of the Christmas-palooza I'm doing because I'm slow at this stuff!

For Kira, who asked for me to draw her OC. I really really love the idea of her in a fancy Kimono at some grand party, just waiting to assassinate some unsuspecting target. I know that's not entirely her "job description" all the time, or maybe it is and I'm more on the mark that anticipated, but that's what I like viewing her as.

Kimono pattern and background were not made by me - just common images/textures I found that I made fit the mold. I don't take credit for them at all.

I don't have a lot to say about it other than ta-dah and have a nice Christmas!

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Christmas, Christmas Gift, Kira
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