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[my heart, my love.]
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So I used this cute picture of Yano and Takahashi and changed it up a bit, to make it more Christmasey >.<

So I literally just started reading Bokura Ga Ita, and lemme tell you, it is beautiful! Though it will never be better than Kimi Ni Todoke it could have been if Yano wasn't so crazy about having sex, but nevertheless, it is one of those manga's that make your heart pound, make you smile, and then MAKE. YOU. CRY.

Ohhh, the reason for this drawing! Well, to be honest, my parents won't allow me to date, first for culture and tradition, and second because they really protect me and don't ever wanna see me hurt. But you know how I'm a little high schooler, I really like romancey stuff, if you will! I mean, I don't want a boyfriend, but just to meet the guy that I'll marry soon. I don't want to date a guy I'll never marry, what's the point of that? But yeah, my dream is to find a great guy, or him to find me :O, and just to be really happy you know! But I must wait! I know my time will come! ^.^

Dedicated to my Kid, because I finally colored the characters!! Thanks so much for all your support love! This is actually my favorite drawing, so I'm glad to dedicate it to you! Always be happy!! <33

Bokura ga Ita Fan Art
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, bokura ga ita, christmas, couple, cute, dream, love, motoharu, nana, takahashi, we were there, yano
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