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Puppet | Harpy
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Back with a bang! My style has changed, once again, into what you're seeing here! I haven't really been able to draw recently because I was forcing myself to keep with an older style and it just wasn't working... ugh... my style's changed like twice since I've been here. So here's what I'm left with!

Took some of this which was an improved version of that and made it better overall! Actually used some wing structure guidelines and forged my unique process into it! Hand's a little bigger than I'd like... but it's a good hand :) and I never really finish legs... ever. And that's not because I can't! My drawing style makes my people very tall! I can't fit all of them onto the page!

Characteristics of Puppet: The bone wings that emerge from her back that eventually turn into bat/demon wings (no longer feathery), the long scar over her heart from when it was removed, the claws (and fangs, but they aren't visible this time around) of her harpy self, the blood that covers her because her wings are actually inside of her, and her smile, that devious I'm going to kill you while giggling smile, love it.

My Original Character that's often seen in the Naruto Universe with the Akatsuki! Not as much detail as the last two... but what can you do! I draw simpler now. Dedicated to my lovely Stitched Hearts who kept me moderately sane while drawing this! Wings were a BITCH.

Puppet | Harpy

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Akatsuki, Bones, Harpy, Naruto, Puppet, Puppet Mistress, Wings
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