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This is Artemisia, she was originally for another challenge of Here Comes The Wolves drawing werewolves so I made a whole story on her. Sadly I did not make it in time for the challenge. Any who I thought it was about time I put something up for The Big O and decided to put her up. This is were she finally is free from her entrapment in the military base, her wolves eye and her in profile view.

Although Mostly just bits and pieces Here is a Synopsis:

Artemisia is the first female shamanic werewolf in her tribe of the northern winter clans. Because of her gender she is not fully accepted by the main alpha family, as shaman werewolves are to be higher than alphas. To claim oneself of shamanic descent one must be bonded with the earth and be engraved with the markings of their ancestors. The tribes last shamanic wolf passed into the earth more than 100 years ago and there was not another one till now.

In her tribe shamanic werewolves are able to marry but usually only with one of the alphas because of this one of the three main alpha families have been successfully creating generations of shamanic werewolves. Also because of this is they have mainly only females in their families since shamanic werewolves were males before. Which has caused them a lot of concern since for the first time a female werewolf has appeared.

She was captured by a military eradication system that only knows about werewolves briefly around 6 years ago. To better study her kind. She escaped but lost a lot of her memories all she goes by is her naturalistic instincts. In the lab she was under cryogenic sleep but an accidental blackout caused the machines to stop producing the cold waters and she eventually was able to wake up but in her state she turned “rogue” and broke out of the facility which burned down to hide the accident. She doesn’t remember a lot of what goes on when she goes rogue only hazy pictures come to her. All she knows is that she ran as far as she could into the nearby forests and is now traveling alone.

The reason her tribe had not tried to rescue her was because they did not know where she was and if they did the military was watching keenly eyes on anybody who tries to recapture her thinking of them as the clan and possibly destroying them as well.

Her job as a shamanic werewolf is to read the futures of the werewolves and to find their forever home that the werewolves lost centuries before.

Her abilities as a shaman are to read the earth. She is still an able werewolf and has trained in the ranks of others and eventually surpassing them. She has a scary alter personality that engulfs her under psychotic and basic hunger for blood. She has for the most part been able to keep that side of her dormant although when her life is in danger that side does come out.

Shamanic werewolves have the ability to transform into four different stages of werewolf:

Full wolf
Humanoid wolf
And Human.


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