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bright decline
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This is my entry for AriaFlosh's Inspirations from Music challenge. AriaFlosh is a good friend of mine and this is a pretty awesome challenge, so here's to you, Aria. I don't have a scanner so I took a picture of this drawing with my Android. I'll upload a better image ASAP. Anyway, about my drawing. It's Loki from Avengers, obviously. I was inspired to draw him by What You Meant, a song by the epic Scottish Indie rock band Franz Ferdinand. The lyrics that always stood out to me were, " If we were feckless we'd be fine/ Sucking hard on our innocence/ But we've been bright in our decline/ Been left as blackened filament". What they're saying is that if you're doing something bad but you don't realize it's bad, then you'really still innocent. Evil is :when you intentionally do terrible things and know exactly what you're doing. That made me think about Loki. I mean, he had every right to be upset that his family was keeping secrets from him and he was always getting pushed around by his brother, but he still did the wrong thing by killing people and trying to conquer the world and all. You might argue that things spiraled out of his control pretty fast, but that doesn't make him a victim. He knew what was going to happen, and he started a war anyway. Besides, Thor must have gi:ven him a billion chances to come back home and be forgiven, but he stuck around and did the whole evil mastermind thing anyway. So, yeah. There you go.

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