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This is my submission for the Digimon contest :3

Um sorry about the quality. I only own colored pencils. BUT THEY'RE CRAYOLA TWISTABLES OMG

Okay so.

Basic idea of whatever this is.

Outfit: Weird black coat thing that laces up in the front and has poofy sleeves and TAILS. Short, purple skirt and black spandex short things beneath. Silver belt around hips/wait. One black boot (yup, just the one). Stormy cloud clip in hair. Clouds dance up the right ankle to the knee and around the left hand toward the elbow.
Digimon: Calumon
Symbol: Imagination/Wonder

And let's get to the part that has potential to be decent, shall we? The story:

I had given up.

The world around me kept spinning. The sun continued to rise and set. The stars still shone. People grew up without a second thought.

No one noticed. Or no one cared.

Everyone always told me to grow up, to act my age and stop being so childish. They told me to be someone I wasn't.

I didn't want to grow up. I refused.

Their world was gray and dull, lacking curiosity and motivation. My world was bright, full of hope and wonder. I continued to search for meaning. They didn't bother. While I cherished my imagination, they trod upon it.

I began to lose hope. I nearly lost myself.

At the time, I'd been nearing the end of high school. Senior year held only new possibilities, not shackles. At sixteen, I could have cared less about what others thought. Regardless of their opinions, I would always daydream and play make-believe; I would always dance in the rain and imagine.

I'd never been one to follow the status quo. I liked to be different; it was more fun that way. And I learned so much more.

But as time went on, I grew to fear critiques. I feared the snickering, the slanted stares. I lost a part of myself.

And I gave up.

But one night came when I'd had enough. It was late, nearing midnight, and the sky was littered with drenched clouds. I relinquished my self control and snuck out my window to run into the oncoming storm to dance (or in my case, flail), and I'd never felt so alive.

Then I heard a giggle. But no matter where I looked, I saw no one. I was alone.

Having lost all enthusiasm, I stood, shivering, in the downpour for a moment or two before absolving to seek shelter under the awning that stretched above my porch.

For some reason, my eyes were drawn to the wooden floorboards. There, screen flashing, was a small device unlike any I'd ever seen.

I couldn't resist.

One around around myself, I bent to retrieve it, and the instant I brought it close to my face, a brilliant, pure light burst from the device. I was blinded.

I opened my eyes to meet a scorching landscape. There was dust or sand in my mouth, and my entire body felt as though it'd suffered an intense workout (which, let's face it, would never happen).

Once I managed to stand up, I realized my surroundings were completely alien, and from what I could tell at the moment, nothing living was around.

Then I heard the giggle again, only this time when I turned to look, I meet the enormous eyes of a small, white creature with ears twice the size of its body.

It tilted its head, and with a broad grin it said only one word: "Play?"

Naturally, I couldn't refuse. Calumon was just too darn adorable to say no to.


Ta da!... Yeah. Sorry it's kind of long for a short description... That's just... how I roll... heh maybe it'll make up for the "artwork" derp xD

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