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Otome Dream
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Okay okay okay! Before any of the owners of these boys kill me, please understand that I was looking up Otome games while RPing with Alice and Dark, Ozzy and Llew. I got to thinking as I was RPing how much this could look like an Otome game, so I drew this. I know it isn't very good, and I kind of want to color it but it was late and I was tired... However if you want to see it colored I will. I edited it to look old fashioned (sephia) and cool. Did it work? My only issue with this is that Ozzy doesn't look like Ozzy to me and it makes me sad... Sorry Elle... I tried...

Now what's going on here! :D Alice is obviously in the middle of Ozzy (left) and Dark (right) with Llew in the background. Ozzy is the "White Prince" who is polite and everything you imagine a prince to be. Dark is the "Black Prince" and is a thief who broke into Alice's castle then "fell in love" with the princess. Llew is the servant that always needs to happen in an Otome like this~ He's just angry anyone is touching the princess~ Alice is a normal princess caught in a magical land. (I considered writing this story, it would make a decent, albeit cliche, game~)

This SHOULD BE dedicated to both Ellenor Mererid and Clueless101 but since I can't so that, it's dedicated to Elle because more of her characters are present... Sorry Clue, I want to dedicate it to both of you. I hope you still like it anyway...

Ozzy, Llew (c)Ellenor Mererid
Dark/Ace (c)Clueless101
Alice (c)Me! :D

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Ace, Alice, Dark, Llew, Otome, Ozzy, Princes, Princess
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