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-_-' Ooh... Took so long to draw this measly piece DX
Hope you like her~!

Name: Amia Zoi Cleatus (Adopted name)
Age: 16 years
D.O.B: Unknown, but she celebrates it on the day her adoptive parents found her- 24th December
Gender: Female
Birthstone: Unknown
Star Sign: Unknown
Type: Goddess
Personality: Naïve and childish but envious and easily angered
Likes: The color pink, insects and the great outdoors
Dislikes: Animals (especially cats), being left out, and work
Hair: Just above her knees, a gold color, soft curls
Eyes: A purplish pink
Height: Approx. 5’ 3”
Other(s): -
Usual Wear: Flouncy dresses and/or tunics
Mother: Adetta Cleatus, 43 years, adopted mother, seamstress
Father: Timeus Cleatus, 45 years, adopted father, farmer
Sibling(s): —
Guardian(s): —
Cyril Filipo (Adopted name) , 16 years, son of Hades and Persephone
Kleio Unne (Adopted name), 14 years, real parents unknown
Adras Herodion (Adopted name), 18 years
Daphne Noe (Adopted name), 16 years
(Haven't really named them all yet)
Love Interest(s): Cyril Filipo
Pet(s): A tarantula named Bobo
Fear(s): The dark, small spaces, heights, and animals
Weapon(s): A scepter made of brass and iron with a sprinkle of magic. It was given to her by Hephaestus, her mother’s real husband. A heart floats at the center of the two wings and changes color to suit her emotions. It contains vast magic that she doesn’t know how to use and mostly uses this weapon as an accessory.

Background story:
Being an illegitimate child is hard. Especially when you’re the illegitimate child of the goddess of love Aphrodite…and god of war Ares...and had been sent to an earthly, childless couple as a punishment to your parents from Zeus because of their affair (which is ironic if you ask me)… Not many can relate.
But that is the life of Amia Zoi Cleatus, adopted daughter of Adetta and Timeus Cleatus. Never actually living a normal life, Amia was treated as an outcast and labeled ‘weird’. Being the child of the god Ares and the goddess Aphrodite, she had their thick golden tresses and also their power. She looks dainty and flawless like her mother but tough and strong like her father. Her parents, and she as well, had no idea she was a goddess sent to earth and didn’t know how to control such power. She was isolated from the other kids (Not like they wanted to be with her either) and grew up lonely. When she receives a scholarship to For Great Academy, she finds out the answers to the questions she wanted to know the most: Who are her real parents? Why is she like this? And finally: How to live a normal life?
Teamed up with her new friends, they explain the For Great Academy’s ‘System’. The school is called ‘For Great’ but for those trapped inside, they know its true meaning: Fallen Gods/Goddesses Academy. The ‘System’ was made by the so-called heroes and founders of the school who insists it is for the greater good. But only a few know their true intentions. Will Amia be able to defeat the dark forces, deal with her new enemies, discover love, find her real parents, Ace her studies and face her deadliest enemy yet: High school?

Haha, long description ain't it? Sorry for the sudden and late submission
I thought of Amia recently about last week or so. I thought three days to complete her story, her friends' story, her parent's and so on. Drawing her was horrible! I only finished it two days ago and started improving it.
I got the idea of Amia as a fairy but then I couldn't think up a nice enough story that was unique and stood out. So I changed her to an alien, a normal human, and finally a goddess. I love Greek mythology, it's SO interesting and kind of funny. And so sprouted Amia. At first her name was Arianna but that didn't sound Greek enough, so I changed it slightly to Amia.
I wanted her back story to be interesting, like reading the summary of a book so that's why it's like that ^^'
Sorry for the creepy eyes, the weird legs and horrible coloring!

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