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FE: Awakening Meme
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Blank meme (I switched the layout so it would fit better on theO)
Pff, this took forever. But it was really fun! :D And a great opportunity to draw a bunch of characters. I tried to keep the drawings loose and not stress too much over all the details. I’m not sure if I succeeded, but I tried XD Pardon my sloppy handwriting ^^;

I have a feeling my favorite pairing for Henry is going to be Lissa, but since I haven’t seen their S Support yet I just went with the pairing I actually got in my game. Their A Support was sooo cute, though! I’ll definitely be pairing them in my next play-through ^-^ Henry and Miriel were pretty adorable though, haha. I loved their conversations, but then Henry is amusing no matter who he’s talking to XD

It took me a while to decide who to draw for the second to last one, a character from an older game with an Awakening character. I was thinking through characters that had something in common with each other, and when Lucius and Libra came to mind I couldn’t resist XD The poor Fire Emblem priests too oft mistaken for women. Lucius definitely holds the title…I still remember meeting him when I first played FE 7 years ago, thinking “Her name is Lucius? That’s weird, I thought that was only a guy’s name.” *facepalm* Sorry, Lucius ^^;

I didn’t think I would use Tharja much coming into the game, but yikes, she ended up being a powerhouse! Her daughter was crazy good, too.

So much love for this game!! ♥

Fire Emblem Fan Art
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