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Miu OC
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Here's my entry for the OC challenge. I just finished! In the end there's going to be three of them, I'll draw the other two in my free time which could take months!
Name: Miu
Species: Alien
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Personality:She's quiet but becomes very outgoing when she sings. She loves dancing also and hanging out with her friends. She enjoys writing music and swimming because her planet is covered in water.
Background: She's from another planet and befriends two girls in a band on Earth. They team up to start their own group as pop stars. (I eventually wanted to write a short story or something so the story isn't all that evolved yet :)) They each have a special gift. Miu's is given to her on her home planet, which was singing. She can then give a gift of her own to others so she gives them the gifts of dancing and songwriting)
Height: 5'4"
Special Ability:Singing (At times, she can hypnotize people with her voice, almost like a siren, except she's not evil lol)
Appearance: They all have distinct styles but similar outfits that they preform in.
Other: The marks on her face are real.

That's all for now. If I think of something else, I'll write it down.

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blue, blue hair, girl, headphones, Miu, singer
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