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Rheign eiz Louel (Alefciere)
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Hi minna!
I'm making a manga entitled "Alefciere" and she (Rheign eiz Louel) is one of my main characters.
ALEFCIERE is a dimension that compose of five different worlds:
♥ Rievols
♥ Levionna
♥ Esthrone
♥ Ozhac
♥ Zoole

*About my OC*

Name: Rheign eiz Louel

Age: 17

Ability: She can manipulate light around her and use it as a weapon (As you can see in my drawing, her sword is made of light, but she usually fights with her bare hands). She can also produce light from her body.

Live in: Hearvel, Rievols

She likes/love: COL ((<-- that's an energy drinks ^_^)and loves something/anything that is so kawaii. :3 (Are you kawaii guys??)

She hates: Raica Osairy, her mortal enemy, but she's also her bestfriend; they're always competing to each other (yeah, I know that's some kind of weird) LOL! oh I forgot, she also hates a big responsibility (She's Lazy)

Hobby: Sleeping

Gets mad when: Somebody disturb her while she's sleeping and when somebody drunk her precious COL!

Hate #2: that "SOMEBODY" *above* XD

Weakness: DARKNESS

Other description:
Rheign is cool (when she's serious), sometimes funny, and sometimes weird!
She's also one of the aces of their academy the H.A.R.A (Hearvel Academy for Rievols Army). She is a rank A army, but she almost considered as one of the S rank armies. (that's because, she always ignore the council of the H.A.R.A.'s invitation to become a S rank army--as I said before she hates a big responsibilities)...

Hope guys you like her ^_^

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