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Hey guys,
I had some extra time on my hands and I decided to make my other OC. This is the oldest twin of three, his youngest brother's name is Calix, who can be found here.
This guy's name is Admon, which is Hebrew for "Red peony (a type of pretty flower :3). He got the name because of his red hair.

He only has one eye, the other one was damaged when he was trying to protect his two younger brothers when they were almost kidnapped for their powers. When it comes down to combat, he becomes extremely serious. If someone hurts his brothers or an innocent person, his darker side becomes exposed, and he can become cruel, depending on how angry he is. Like his twin, he also primarily uses magic, but only fights when there is no other option.

He likes painting and is very artistic, and he designed the tattoo on his arm, and the small purple one on his right eyelid. He cares deeply for his brothers, and is the nicest of the three. However, he isn't too honest if the truth could end up hurting someone's feelings. He has a love of sweets, especially the ones Calix makes.
Uh...the lines aren't as neat as the original file since I had to shrink it...>.< I should have started with smaller canvas page. >:P
Lol, now I only have to make the middle twin. I probably will take longer to get him posted, since I'm busy with school (lol, I should have been studying but instead I drew this guy XD). His pose is very simple since I didn't have time to make a really good sketch. >.<

Dedicated to Jen (Mangakid), thanks for being a great friend! :D
~I hope you like it

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Admon, green, OC, Red hair, X MAGE X
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