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Wa-Lolita in Blue
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Hello, everyone!

Whew, last day entry for MissPuppettear's "Blue dress" challenge. Originally, I think I intended to draw someone else (a real character) in a Wa-Lolita (Japanese-Lolita fusion) dress, but she turned into an OC somehow...

Anyways, this is Sabrina Kardos (pronounced "KAR-dohsh"). Originally, her name was supposed to be Monica Chen (random...) but because I was listening to Leo Ieiri's "Sabrina", I decided to change her name. According to Behind the Surname (part of Behind the Name, a great site to look up names on! :D), "Kardos" is Hungarian for "Sword". She's kind of a feisty person, much to the annoyance of Tomiko (since Tomiko's my official "stand in", she has to put up with any antics from my OCs... hopefully there will be more in the future, including some guys. I can imagine Sabrina pestering Tomiko to draw her a boyfriend XD).

She also likes dressing up unusually, so here she is running around a convention center in a Wa-Lolita dress. Tomiko told her not to. She didn't listen.

Also I don't know why I drew her like that. Must be her energetic nature.

Dedicated to Alchemic Mushroom because of her comprehensive guide to Lolita fashion! I apologize if I've flouted any of the rules; I needed to get this done!

This pic was drawn in pencil, outlined with Prismacolor fine line markers, scanned, cleaned up/base painted in Manga Studio Debut 3.0, copied and pasted into MS Paint 2007, and finished and watermarked in Photoshop Elements 10.

And, in regards to the shadowing, I received a bit of instruction from CitrusStorm (he is vastly improving, after all... if you haven't checked out his work, I highly recommend it). Arigatou, Citrus-Sensei! :D

With all that said, enjoy! :D

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Blue dress
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