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"Season pass. Lincoln Center. Front row, every show."

Yet another piece of the beautiful, glorious, and wonderful Donna Paulsen from Suits, specifically from 2x09 Asterisk.

Blargh, love hate relationship with this one. I like parts of it and other parts are off. The eyes, for one, are not the way I've started drawing them recently. In fact, I had to resort to my old style to get it to look like she was actually looking at Louis, which was a pain. But I'm finally starting to master the beautiful Donna hair, so I like that part of it. Blargh. Oh well. Better luck next time.

Oh yeah! This was also my first time trying out a new program called FireAlpaca. I've been using Paint.NET for so long because Photoshop and Sai are way too confusing for me. But this program is free and really pretty simple. I mean, if I can figure it out, it's pretty simple, haha. But yeah, you should check it out!

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