CrazyFangirl5746 (Fan Art Portfolio) Shojofied Seirin Captain and Coach

Shojofied Seirin Captain and Coach
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Well, this was suppose to be in the competition of Shojo-Shonen swap, but somehow, i was late to the party and wasn't able to make it to the challenge on time...orz so i shall just post this here...

look at those lame skills...haha, i'm still trying to master photoshop, but alas, it's not working...maybe i'll fix this art later in life, when i finally have it all down, but for now, enjoy...i guess?

Kuroko no Basuke is an awesome Basketball anime/manga, so you should all go check it out~ huuh~ come on, you know you wanna, and just fyi, it's not shojo like this at all XD here is a reference picture of the actual art, i just redid it in shojo style :P (second picture when scrolled down...)

and i'm out~ :D orz curse thy technology and outdated softwares!!! Grrr... OTL

Kuroko's Basketball Fan Art
Crazyfangirl5746, Hyuuga, Kuroko no Basuke, lame skills, orz, Riko, Seirin, Shojofied, The basketball that kuroko plays
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