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This is Hazel Star Sentrist. She's 16 years old but barely five feet tall and only seventy pounds because she's been battling an illness her whole life that has almost killed her several times, which has stunted her growth and makes it hard for her to eat or put on muscle. Her shortness and emaciated body are two of her flaws. Because she is so thin, she is very weak. She used to play a lot of sports, such as gymnastics, soccer, basketball, and hockey. She was forced to give up each sport because her illness put her at such risk. Classmates make fun of her and call her "demon eyes" because her extremely thin face and the shadows under her eyes give her a somewhat demonic look, especially when she's brooding, smiling, or angry. People assume her scars are a symptom of her illness, but that isn't true. Her scars--another one of her flaws--are the result of attacks from her parents when she was very young, before she escaped them and went to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousins. Her best friend is her rottweiler, Hope, named after the thing that keeps Hazel going. Hope was given to her at the age of four by a friend's mother. Hope was with her when she ran away from home at age six, and protected her until she reached her aunt and uncle's house. She has two other dogs--Hope's puppies, because Hope met a neighbor dog and became a mother. The other puppies are called Strength and Love, after the two other forces that keep her going. (Hence the hearts in the picture saying Hope, Strength, and Love). Though her parents were horribly abusive to her and the illness keeps her scars from healing, Hazel tries to keep her head up, aided and supported by her aunt, uncle, cousins, dogs, her few friends at school and from the hospital where she frequently stays, and the doctors who've worked with her throughout her life. She hopes to fully heal someday, grow a little more, put some weight and some muscle back on, begin playing sports again, and eventually become a professional sports player. Sometimes she feels very depressed, hopeless, scared, and battered (not to mention in great physical pain from her illness) and all she wants is to give up, but she has a very strong support system and much hope for the future, despite her flaws. She loves the color purple, dogs, anime and manga, writing and painting, and chocolate (when she's well enough to eat it). Her favorite thing to do is listen to music, which is why she's wearing headphones in this drawing. (Plus, I based her iamge off a Vocaloid character.)

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courage, fear, flaws, girl, hope, love, pain, scars, strength, strong, tears
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