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Airbender Sutaku
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Yes I am still alive. Anyway This is Sutaku (Made the name by random but it ended up be a form of fighting, go fig). I have been watching the new avatar show and have liked it alot but saddly, I do not think there will be a airbender on team avatar, not even the avatar for a while, and thought that is a shame and decided to make one. She comes from a long line of airbenders but like how the last avatar had a nonbender child so it was for this girl, way back even before Roku, hence why her familly lived. After all this time, the dormant gene activated, or what ever decides what makes a bender, and here she is.

Her style of fighting is a bit different from the air nomads, just like Toph compaired to other earthbenders, and is based on the drunked style which is roughly based on the same principal of airbending mentality of dodge and evade.

Now for the art itself. Ya, did not have the right colors for this picture so it came out a little weird but I already started to color it so I could not just have it half colored. This is acually the second picture of this character but this one looks much more like the style of the show and even looks a bit like Toph to me. The other one looks a bit older which I wish this one would have. But over all I am pleased with it.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Art
Airbender, Avatar, MWI, OC, Sutaku
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