KalySama (Fan Art Portfolio) Just A Dream...

Just A Dream...

"Why'd you have to leave me,
why'd you have to go
I was counting on forever,
Now I'll never know,"

--Just A Dream, Carrie Underwood

i love this song!!!!

Story: (don't read if you don't wanna get all sad and bored.)

She stands there, alone, as the rain pours down. She is glad for the rain; it disguises the tears that slide down her face, one after the other, pooling at her feet. Everyone has gone-has been gone-for hours, and yet she does not move. She simply gazes at the grave, his grave, trying to accept the unacceptable. That he is gone. Dead. That he was killed by a bullet on a hot, dry battlefield. That his soul no longer lives on this earth.

She knows the facts, but they won't sink in. Can't. She closes her eyes, unable to looks any more, and pictures her room at home. Tissues everywhere, still damp from this morning. The pictures of them, together, that have been pushed to the closet. And worst of all, the wedding dress lying on the bed, the dress she knows she has to return. Because she will never wear it. Not now.

Without moving, she begins to sob, the tears choking her, so that she can hardly breathe.


sorry about that... i really wanted to write something sad, and I tortured you all with it ^^;

Simplified Version:
This girl's fiance was killed in the war (notice the words "honorable soldier" on the grave) right before they were supposed to be married. She's at his funeral now, crying, all alone because everyone else has left.

The picture is basically exactly like the song lyrics, just illustrated hope you like it!!!

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