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lol So I've been in this horrible funk and really stressed over too much crap to explain here lately, and then I got to listening to classic rock (also oddly good for lifting my mood :/ ) on one of the music channels, and then I decided I wanted to maybe draw something happy and fun to try and make myself feel better...Yugi "baby Panda" Muto fit the bill, so started with him in the peppiest, happiest mood/pose I could come up with and went from there.

Jonouchi came next, and I have no clue where this expression came from but all I knew was it made me laugh and I HAD to try and draw it...I dunno...I guess maybe this would be an alternate expression for him when he found out he wasn't invited to the Battle City tournament XD

And, Honda...I had never drawn someone looking hopelessly, stupidly in puppy love before, and he became the victim of this goofiness because of his hopeless infatuation with Miho in "season 0" ...and maybe Jono's sister in the later series, but as one can tell from his outfit, This appearance mainly refers to the Season 0 Honda.

And Kaiba's just sort of there...looking like he's about to do something James Bond-ish and sneaky...hence why he's in his Duelist Kingdom outfit, since that's generally when we saw him do such things (which were AWESOME I'm not going to lie...even if seeing Seto Kaiba with a gun in the manga was a rather frightening thing to think about >_>)...I dunno he's not exactly the happy or goofy type, so I think he ended up here because I guess my confidence was up a little and I maybe felt like conquering my old issues with drawing him a second time LOL

it caused me to stay up past 3am drawing again, unfortunately...but oh well, I think it was worth it, twas fun and mood lifting, enjoy

Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Art
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