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Pokemon Trainer Marie
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My Pokemon trainer. Her name is Marie. I chose that name because in every Pokemon game I have ever owned or played, I always had a set of names I gave the main character, and used them in rotation; Melissa (my real name), Merisa (my real name in Japanese), Marie (middle name), or Mari (middle name in Japanese. Now when I was deciding between which of the four names to name my Pokemon trainer, I thought, I didnt want to use my real name or my jap real name, so those two were out. Then it was either Marie or Mari. And then I thought since its a Pokemon trainer, it would have a more common name, so Marie I chose.

As for her Pokemon, as you can see in the picture, there are five of her six main Pokemon shown with her. One of them is in the Pokeball that she's holding (cause I didnt feel like drawing one more, I got lazy xD).

Going from left to right, the Pokemon's info will be like this:

[Pokedex No.] [Name of Pokemon] [Pokemons Nickname]
[Move 1] [Move 2]
[Move 3] [Move 4]
[Nature] [Likes]

No. 164 - Noctowl - Hoo
Level. 21
Defog - Peck
Fly - Reflect
Hasty nature - Scatters things often, likes sweet food

No. 243 - Raikou - Rai
Level. 55
Thunderbolt - Quick Attack
Spark - Crunch
Lax nature - Likes to thrash about

No. 38 - Ninetails - Nene
Level. 54
Confuse Ray - Extrasensory
Flamethrower - Fire Blast
Rash nature - Proud of its power

No. 448 - Lucario - Rio
Level. 52
Feint - Reversal
Brick Break - ExtremeSpeed
Calm nature - Scatters things often, likes bitter food

No. 470 - Leafeon - Fi
Level. 37
Quick Attack - Tackle
Sand-Attack - Bite
Timid nature - Likes to relax, likes sweet food

No. 395 - Empoleon - Pippy
Level 100
Hydro Cannon - Cut
Surf - Waterfall
Jolly nature - Sturdy body, likes sweet food

Thats it for her six main Pokemon! As you can see, most of them need to be leveled up, I just dont end up playing my Pokemon games enough to do so u.u
All the data from these Pokemon were taken from my current data in Platinum and SoulSilver versions.

Now more about my trainer. As said before, her name is Marie, and she is a trainer who lives in the Johto region. She has beaten the Elite Four and Champion, and has collected all badges from the Johto and Kanto regions. Her favorite gym leaders in Johto are Janine, Morty, Jasmine and Falkner, and she battles them as often as they can. She has seen over 330 different Pokemon, and caught over 100 of them, including a few rare Pokemon, such as her Rai. She is also a Eevee breeder, who is always breeding Eevee's for other trainers that want them, since they are a hard Pokemon to find (in most versions).

Thank you for taking time to read all this, and I hope you like my OC Trainer ^.^

Pokemon Fan Art
Empoleon, Leafeon, Ninetails, Noctowl, OC, Pokemon, Raikou, trainer
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