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Xavier Cole
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This is my entry for Prismblossom. Here is my character's story.

Living in a secluded village where being different results in isolation, mocking, and fear, 16-year-old Xavier Cole is no stranger to the ways people hurt those who are different. His 19-year-old brother, Thomas Cole, is gay. His twin sister, Maya Hope Cole, who often simply goes by Maya or Hope, is pregnant by her boyfriend, Jacob Steverns. Xavier himself likes to wear scarves and eccentric clothes and dye his hair different colors. But the most unacceptable thing is that his family opposes the corrupt and greedy government that rules their village. And the mayor's daughter is the most popular girl in their school.

Despite everything he endures, Xavier keeps his head up in school and around the village. He has a sunny, exuberant personality. He is sweet and loves to help and encourage others. He loves to read and learn, and has a huge vocabulary. He likes to throw fancy words into a conversation. He is protective and supportive of his loved ones, and they are lucky to have him. His closest friends:

Maya Hope Cole: His twin and best friend, though his opposite in many ways. She's a pessimist when he tries to take a sunny view of life. He's forgiving of his tormentors, and she holds grudges. Still, she can be a sweet girl and a fierce friend, and her creativity and talent show in her painting, writing, and singing. She's scared of her pregnancy, and hopes that she'll be a good mother despite her youth.

Jacob Steverns: Xavier's friend since preschool, Jacob is a caring person who loves to play sports and be outside. He also loves to act goofy and make people laugh. He began dating Maya when they were 14, and she's pregnant by him, although they didn't mean for that to happen. Now he's looking for work so he'll be able to support their child, and he promises to stick with Maya and be the best father he can be. His family disapproves of the Cole family, but now that Maya is pregnant with Jacob's child, there is nothing they can do to keep the two apart.

Gary Stone: A serious, smart boy who is quiet and shy. He does very well in school and writes stories and draws manga in his spare time. He and Xavier met because they both spend so much time in their school's library, because they both love books and stories, and they both take school seriously. Gary is an outcast too--kids don't like him because his family also opposes the government. He and Gary are working on a manga together.

Emma Ridden: Xavier's girlfriend. She's been his friend since third grade, and they satrted going out at the age of 13. Emma's always been supportive of Xavier's family's eccentricities, and she's good friends with Maya. Like Xavier, she is an outcast. (She's bisexual). Emma likes music and adventure, and has little regard for rules. She's very kind and sympathetic when she's needed.

Katie Stone: Gary's fourteen-year-old sister. She's very shy and fearful, so much so that she is literally unable to talk with other people present. Mostly she keeps to herself and reads, or uses a form of sign language to indicate her needs. She's "not quite right in the head" but she's very appreciative of others' accomplishments, such as good writing or art, and she likes learning in school but wishes it wasn't filled with so many people. She's affectionate and hugs everyone. She also cries and laughs a lot, sometimes at odd moments for reasons no one else understands. Gary, who is normally very quiet, is fiercely protective of his sister. He's normally very nonviolent, but those who tease or harm his sister get broken bones.

Birdy the Octopus: Birdy Robertson is their school's eccentric and loud librarian who dresses in bright colors, loves books, and, unlike other teachers, is accepting of differences. She's set aside a conference room in the library for Xavier, Maya, Jacob, Gary, Emma, and Katie to use as their little hideout--their stronghold filled with books, couches, comfy chairs, and various other things the kids have put in the room to make it theirs. She's taken them under her wing, and they trust and talk to her. She's in her thirties and lonely for company, so she likes having them and often keeps their room stocked with fresh treats she's cooked. No one knows why she is called Birdy the Octopus. She just is.

These people all have a story and are just trying to get by with their lives, when Xavier makes a startling discovery--each and every one of them, ans well as their families, are in danger of a magnitude they could never have imagined. They must all go into hiding. But can they all of the families put aside their differences, see the world through each others' eyes, and live together? Can they develop the trust and love it will take for them to save each others' lives?

It's hard. The Steverns--Jacob's parents, older sister, and younger brother--hate all outcasts, especially the Coles for getting them "tangled up in this mess". And of course that means no one likes the Steverns, and resentment builds toward them, even Jacob. It pains Jacob to go against his family, but he promised to stick with Maya, and Xavier is his best friend. The Coles and the Stones want to take action against the corrupt government, but the Steverns wish to turn them all in (and they would, if it wouldn't get Jacob killed too) so they can go back to being well-liked in their village. The Riddens just want to stay out of it since they have little kids to protect. (Emma has four younger siblings, all under the age of eight, and they all look up to her as a role model). The Riddens understand Emma's sexual orientation but are angry with her for exposing it and putting the children at risk. Emma is hurt and angry with her parents' attitude. Xavier's older brother Thomas has brought his boyfriend Joseph Bindley, talks so much that he drives everyone crazy. And Birdy, who has been orphaned and ostracized from a young age, feels desperately scared by all the fighting. She is desperately lonely no matter how many people are around her, and just wants to be truly loved.

Prism, if you want to use this story and expand on it, you can. Or, if not, you don't have to. I hope you like it!

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